Activate Restoro

The complete system solution

Powerful technology that secures and safely repairs any PC to an optimized state

It’s the one software any PC user ever needed.

  • Remove malware threats
  • Detect dangerous websites
  • Restore max performance
  • Free precious disk space
  • Replace damaged windows files

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Protects from malwares

Restoro protects and removes malware from your PC

Restores Peak Performance

Restore your PC back to its greatness, replace damaged or missing Windows files with healthy new ones!

Real-time detection

Detect threatening apps before they damage your PC in real-time!

Restoro Technology Benefits

  1. Repair and Rebuild Windows
  2. Virus protection
  3. Virus Removal
  4. Repair virus damage
  5. Fix error messages
  6. Optimize Registry
  7. Database of new, up to date replacement files
  8. Stop PC from Crashing and Freezing
  9. Convenient repair at any time
  10. Restore, replace DLL files