Steps to activate McAfee

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McAfee antivirus is a system-protection software designed exclusively to prevent any virus or malware from infecting your system. McAfee is known worldwide to provide the best-possible protection against cyber threats and online thievery.

McAfee Features

  • Full-System Scans: McAfee can scan your entire system to ensure there is no malware residing within it.
  • Customized Scan: McAfee products let you perform custom scans of specific folders.
  • Real-Time Protection: No malicious threat can infect your system as McAfee instantly scans any peripherals attached to the system.
  • Web-Protection: Browse the internet with no tension about getting viruses with McAfee’s web-browsing protection.

How to Download McAfee Setup

Follow the below-mentioned steps to download McAfee product:

  1. Open your system and launch a web browser you prefer.
  2. Your retail package will contain a URL on its back, for example, Visit this website.
  3. Select your correct country and preferred language.
  4. Even though the registration page attempts at locating your correct region, it may not always be correct. So, it is recommended that you ensure that it is correct indeed before going ahead in the process.
  5. Enter:
  • Your McAfee product activation key.
  • Your email address.
  1. Press the Submit
  2. Ensure that you have provided the correct email address. If not, then follow the mentioned steps.
  3. Press the Edit icon and return to the prior web page.
  4. Now provide the correct email address.
  5. Click the Verify
  6. Your subscription is now successfully activated.
  7. Create a new McAfee account and install the setup as well by following the steps mentioned on the screen.

How to Install or Reinstall McAfee Product on your PC or Mac

If you are launching your system for the first time, then you will be asked to register for the already installed McAfee LiveSafe product. You will also be asked to agree to provide information to McAfee.  If you decide to do so, then the LiveSafe product will be arranged automatically along with the system startup process. If you do not agree to the option, then you would have to register your product later by creating a McAfee account on In case you have purchased your LiveSafe product separately then you need to follow the mentioned steps to set it up. Note: In case you are operating a Mac, then you have to ensure that your Downloads folder does not already have an older version of McAfee setup You either have to rename it or delete it. Keeping the older version intact may hinder your activation process as Mac might mount the older setup file.

  1. Launch your preferred web browser and visit It should be done on an additional Mac or Windows computer you wish to install the product on.
  2. Tap on My Account and then select Sign In.
  3. Provide your correct login credentials, i.e., email and password.

(If you are not an existing McAfee user, then you need to create an account. Tap on Are you a new user? Register Now to do the same and then hit Log In.) (If you want to save these credentials for the website, then you need to press Remember Me).

  1. Select My Account.
  2. Choose the suitable McAfee product subscription and then press Download.

(You can also choose to download other programs you have already bought).

  1. Go through the End User License Agreement (EULA) carefully and hit I Agree to ascend with the terms and conditions for the download and installation.
  2. Follow the mentioned steps and maintain your McAfee software as per your liking.

How to Install on your Mobile Device

To install a McAfee product on your mobile device, you need to follow the presented steps:

  1. Open your Windows PC or Mac and launch a web browser to visit
  2. Click on My Account and then select the Sign In
  3. Provide your email address and then press Log In.

(If you are not an existing McAfee user, then you need to create an account. Tap on Are you a new user? Register Now to do the same and then hit Log In.) (If you want to save these credentials for the website, then you need to press Remember Me).

  1. Press the (+)
  2. Choose your mobile device and choose Send Link.
  3. Choose your mobile device platform and the preferred McAfee product.
  4. Tap Next.
  5. Choose your country and provide a mobile number. In case of a tablet, a device

(Your link to the download process will be sent to the device via email or SMS).

  1. Open the download link and press Download Now.
  2. Hit the Download icon and go through the License Agreement.
  3. Open the app store and choose Open.
  4. Log in on your account and establish a six-character PIN.

Before proceeding with any app installation, you should make sure to have created a McAfee account. Log in on the account at least once before installing any apps. You should also use the same email address and password in every McAfee product.